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Widespread Bacterial CORE Complex

Executes Intra- and Inter-Kingdom

Cytoplasmic Molecular Trade

The enormous versatility of bacteria enables the formation of multi-species communities that colonize nearly every niche on earth, making them the dominant life form and a major component of the biomass. Exchange of molecular information among neighboring bacteria in such communities, as well as between bacteria and proximal eukaryotic cells, is key for bacterial success. Yet, the principles controlling these multicellular interactions are poorly defined.


We identified a new bacterial organelle, whose function is to traffic cytoplasmic molecules among different bacterial species, and between pathogenic bacteria and their human host cells. This organelle is composed of a CORE of five membrane proteins, highly conserved across the entire bacterial kingdom, linked to a membranous nanotubes. Together they form a CORE-tube organelle.


We Aim to:

  • Elucidate components, structure and biogenesis of the CORE-tube organelle, operating during bacteria-bacteria and pathogen-host interactions.

  • Provide a global view of the extent and identity of cytoplasmic molecules traded via the CORE-tube organelle 

  • Decipher the impact of the CORE-tube organelle on bacterial physiology and virulence, and devise anti-CORE-tube compounds to combat pathogenic bacteria.

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